Spectrum Enterprise
Dimensional Mailer


In mid-September 2016, Harte Hanks was asked to produce a video direct mail piece to support the launch and evolution of Phase 2 of Time Warner Cable Business Class’ (now Spectrum Enterprise) Great Achievements campaign. The goal? To help its sales staff achieve their monthly prospects, leads, opportunities and revenue goals. This multi-touch cadence communicated how TWCBC’s real-life customers are benefitting from fiber technology by utilizing services that help their business succeed today, and tomorrow.

This dimensional video mailer featured TWCBC’s client, FRONTEO, and was mailed out to a 500 engaged and 500 unengaged prospects. In order to help drive qualified leads and encourage the prospect to set up an appointment with a dedicated Account Executive. 


  • Soft touch 9 x 12 video mailer
  • Tried-and-true 8.5 x 11 letter
  • 1:22 second video (at right) featuring Fronteo, an actual Spectrum Enterprise client